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How To Identify That It’s The Right Time To Replace the Carpet?

First of all there is no specific rule as in regarding the right time to replace the carpet. It’s totally your wish when you want to get it replaced. But there are multiple factors on the basis of which this decision is taken. Usually the lifespan of a carpet ranges between 5-15 years but it also depends upon the material or fabric of the carpet. Along with these factors like environmental impact, odor of the carpet, level of maintenance, spills or any pet in the home can have a great impact on the condition of the carpet.

Here Are Some Of The Top Indicators That Its The High Time To Replace The Carpet

Permanent Stains And Unpleasant Smell:

When your carpet has permanent visible stains and has an unpleasant smell even after cleaning it numerous times then understand that it’s a high time to replace the carpet. At times people tend to hide the stains with various tricks like keeping furniture or attractive pots on it but when there is no creative way left to hide these stains or get away with the unpleasant smell, you must change it. Also if you are a pet owner or have babies in house, then make sure to purchase carpets that are highly durable and can be easily cleaned.


Over the years, it usually happens that you find your carpet tattered; this is due to wear and tear over the time period. It indicates that your carpet needs to be replaced. This condition happens when the carpet is not well maintained or is placed in busy areas or is not cared for at all. This is very common in busy households or where tenants stay. For such areas it is important to choose carpets with strong fiber that could resist wear and tear for a long time.

Mold Build Up:

Mold can cause a lot of damage in the house. From walls to furniture, it can spoil everything. If your house has mold then you must get your carpets replaced because mold leads to bacterial growth underneath the carpet. It is very important to have proper ventilation in the house and avoid moisture and leakages in the house as it provides a favorable environment for mold growth.

Outdated Look:

Even if your carpet is not having any stains or unpleasant smell, then also there could be a need to replace it. With time the styles of carpet used in homes or commercial spaces tends to get outdated and further have an impact on the aesthetic appeal of the place. So then also you can get them replaced.

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